Some Important Facts About Android O

Android 12 is the third major release and nineteenth version of Android, an open-source mobile operating system developed by Google. The first official developer preview was introduced on February 18, 2021. Since that time, there have been a number of major operating system upgrades including: Android O, Androids, and Android N. Android P, which are the latest release, has also been upgraded several times. The newest major operating system, Android 5.x, was released in May of this year. Prior to this newest version, the Android operating system was based on the Android SDK 4.3.

Some of the biggest changes in Android O are the new file management system, in-built search provider, and notification center. Users will experience a cleaner user interface with these additions. Other significant changes include: improved graphic processing, improved data access performance, bug fixes, and memory tweaks. Since Android O is not designed as a slim device like the previous versions, users may notice increased apps loading times. This change is also being done to accommodate the heavier app loaders.

If you are planning to use the latest Android O developer Preview, it is advised that you update your device immediately after the release date. You can do this by downloading the O updates using the Android OS Update application. By doing this, you will receive the newest operating system features immediately on your phone. Users can also opt to go for the beta version of the Android O program through Google, which allows testers to track their device performance before the official launch of the program.