How Does the HuaWei MateBook Work?

The HuaWei MateBook from HuaWei Technology is a handy and fully featured GPS/ compass that will help you get to where you are going in the most cost effective way possible. This all in one GPS device is packed full of features that include: Speed, altitude, compass, trip planning, route plans, live chat with other users, etc… What’s also great about the HuaWei MateBook is that it will sync with your existing SonarGPS or Garmin GPS. The combination of these two makes it so much easier to navigate through the waters as well as track your movements when in the water. The added ability to sync your GPS with your existing devices allow you to quickly glance at the unit and see exactly where you are and how far away you are.

The HuaWei MateBook makes traveling much easier with its multi-functional screen. When you are on the road you don’t want to need a second hand navigation device to keep track of your position and where you are going. Being able to easily access the map and have the ability to see exactly where you are on the island at any time makes travel much less stressful and more enjoyable.

On your travels you want to be able to make your way back to the island without having to use any maps or compasses. Having to turn the GPS on and off every time you need to see where you are or where you should go can get tedious. With the HuaWei MateBook you will always know exactly where you are and how far you are away.